Friday, July 2, 2010

Knight and Day Review

If you are looking for a movie to see this coming Fourth of July weekend, go see this one! It doesn't matter if you are going with a group of guy or girl friends or even a date night. This movie has something for everyone. It has adventure, comedy and romance wrapped up in one fun package. Tom Cruise (Roy Miller) and Cameron Diaz (June Havens) have never looked better. June's antics will drive you nuts. She is unnerved much of the movie and Roy Miller has to keep her safe and deal with the bad guys chasing him. She is a bit dingy but her muscle car, tomboy behavior saves her from herself. As a girl who appreciates a good muscle car, (my favorite being the'68 Camaro) I loved the car scenes in this movie. GO see this movie! You will enjoy the ride.

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