Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

"The Lightning Thief" is an entertaining movie with a good story line and fabulous special effects. If you go, don't take little children. The movie may be rated PG but with characters like Medusa, (Uma Thurman - with real snakes in her hair) it is too scary for children. It is similar to Harry Potter movies in many ways so if you like Harry, you'll probably like Percy (Logan Lerman). Percy Jackson is the demigod son of Poseidon and better looking than Harry Potter. Peirce Brosnan is the half man half horse, Chiron. This is a different role for Brosnan, with long hair and scruffy look, he looks very different but still yummy! I couldn't help but to imagine myself riding that horse ; ) The best character is Steve Coogan as Hades. He isn't on the screen very long so you are left wanting to a longer dance with the devil. This movie ends leaving things wide open for a sequel so maybe Coogan will have a bigger role in the next movie. In short, this movie was good just not great.

Friday, February 19, 2010


2010 – Directed by Joe Johnston
Review by Jimmy King

Benicio Del Toro, is Lawrence Talbot, an actor who goes home for his brothers funeral and becomes the hunter of his brothers killer. While tracking the killer he is attacked and finds himself under the curse of the wolfman. Anthony Hopkins plays the father and offers experience and guidance for dealing with the curse/gift of being able to kill at will when the moon is full because he too is under the same curse. Lawrence finds out that father is the killer of the brother and the revenge struggle begins. The look and feel of the movie are gorgeous and the special effects help take this classic story into the current century. This story doesn’t recreate the wheel but it’s a great escape and a fun scary movie.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Heart - Movie review - 2-4-2010 by Jimmy King

Jeff Bridges (Bad Blake) a has been country music songwriter. This is a very simple movie a basic snapshot of an aging country musicians life who finds himself: broke, alone and without many options. He travels in his own truck going hundreds of miles between show's to play at bowling alleys or restaurants which are constant reminders of his rank in the music industry as well as excuses for him to continue being an alcoholic/honkeytonker. Bad Blake is country old school and change is not a priority, but once he meets a writer (Jean) played by Maggie Gyllenhaal he finds himself with a purpose. Their relationship happens very quickly and (Bad) develops a relationship with (Jean's) little boy in part because the little boy is adorable and because (Bad) has a son that he never got to know after leaving his wife when his son was 4 years old. (Bad) also has a thorn in his side by a country music young gun (Tommy) played by Collin Farell who plays arenas and sell's millions of albums. (Tommy) was brought into the music business by (Bad) but broke off and became all the success that (Bad) hoped for. Director Scott Cooper does a nice job of letting Jeff Bridges do what he does best. Jeff Bridges doesn't act in this movie; he is the movie and is deserving of all the buzz. YES!
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Review of Crazy Heart

Finally, a really good movie! I have seen a lot of average flicks lately. Jeff Bridges deserves the Oscar nod he got this week! Go see it!