Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the CIty 2 Review

This movie is not what you have been reading in the other reviews. Other reviews are ripping this movie to shreds but I disagree. I thought it was entertaining and fun. It was as good as the first movie. Don't get me wrong, it isn't Oscar worthy but it is definitely worth seeing if you are a Sex and the City fan. If you aren't a fan and aren't familiar with the characters, you will still be entertained but you will not always understand what is going on since you don't have a history to work with. If you are a Sex in the City virgin, you definitly won't get the wedding at the beginning. Anyway, the fashion, which has gotten a lot of attention, is colorful but a little to 80's for me. Having lived through that fashion faux pas, I really don't need to go back there again. Old isn't always new again ladies! I am sure I won't be seeing the red sea urchin dress that Samantha (Kim Cantrall) was wearing on anyone else. I did enjoy the story line and the trouble Samantha gets herself into. The scenery was beautiful too! The Middle East is a gorgeous part of the world and filled the big screen with it's warm hues. The ladies looked gorgeous in the scarves and colors chosen for their Middle Eastern scenes. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big (Chris Noth) continue to be a great couple and continue to reinvent the rules of marriage. I am all about reinventing marriage ; ) Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) takes a big step int he right direction in this film and it is good to see! She also has aged better and looks the best out of all of our sexy friends. After years of watching her look frumpy on the TV show, she has finally come into her own and looks amazingly HOT! Speaking of HOT, Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis) and Aidan (John Corbett) make an all too brief appearance. This movie has great flow to the story and you forget about time entirely. Strap on your Manolo Blahniks and go to the movies!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robin Hood

The 2010 version of Robin Hood has an all-star cast of Russell Crow (Robin Longstride), Cate Blanchett (Marion Loxley), William Hurt (William Marshall) and of course the incredible Ridley Scott directing. All of this makes me wonder... how could this movie go so wrong? The answer isn't the acting since you can't get enough of William Hurt. They should have had him on the screen a lot more. The answer is that the story was not developed very well and fell short of the hype... far short. Theses actors deserve a better script to work with. The script tries to give you more of the real history of the legend of Robin Hood. The premise is to give you the background of the legend. This is a great and different approach to this movie but again Brian Helgeland, the scriptwriter, didn't make it happen. Sorry, Brian, I am really a huge fan of yours. Brian has written scripts like Green Zone and Mystic River, which totally hit the mark. I guess you can't win them all. If you want to go see an entertaining and fun version of Robin Hood, don't see this movie. Rent the 1991 version, Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves, with Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman, who was a fantastic Sheriff of Nottingham. You'll enjoy this version a lot more.

Friday, May 14, 2010

See my review of Iron Man 2 here:

Iron Man 2 Review

I saw Iron Man this week and it was awesome! The cast is great and extensive with stars like Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jon Favreau, Garry Shandling and Mickey Rourke. The scriptwriting is very witty. The bantering back and forth between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is a fast-paced volley that is both entertaining and engaging. The verbal road race between those two is as good as the action scenes which were incredible. A new enemy was introduced in this movie, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke). Mickey Rourke is fabulous in this role. His character is large and imposing but strangely likable. This movie is entertaining and exciting. This sequel is every bit as good as the first movie and leaves you wanting more. Don't leave right away when the movie is over. My advice is to wait until after the credits are finished. More is delivered!

See this movie on the big screen and in IMAX if possible!