Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robin Hood

The 2010 version of Robin Hood has an all-star cast of Russell Crow (Robin Longstride), Cate Blanchett (Marion Loxley), William Hurt (William Marshall) and of course the incredible Ridley Scott directing. All of this makes me wonder... how could this movie go so wrong? The answer isn't the acting since you can't get enough of William Hurt. They should have had him on the screen a lot more. The answer is that the story was not developed very well and fell short of the hype... far short. Theses actors deserve a better script to work with. The script tries to give you more of the real history of the legend of Robin Hood. The premise is to give you the background of the legend. This is a great and different approach to this movie but again Brian Helgeland, the scriptwriter, didn't make it happen. Sorry, Brian, I am really a huge fan of yours. Brian has written scripts like Green Zone and Mystic River, which totally hit the mark. I guess you can't win them all. If you want to go see an entertaining and fun version of Robin Hood, don't see this movie. Rent the 1991 version, Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves, with Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman, who was a fantastic Sheriff of Nottingham. You'll enjoy this version a lot more.

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